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Packing Accuracy

When a customer receives an incorrect product, it causes a landslide of problems.

  • A negative customer experience
  • Additional delays in getting the correct product to your customer
  • Admin costs
  • Courier costs (Delivery & Return)

We can’t guarantee that it will never happen, but we do take every step possible to minimise mistakes.

Familiar Staff
From the minute you join us as a client, our highly trained staff will begin to gain a valuable insight into your products.

Picking Teams
Our warehouse staff are made up in teams of 2. Each team is made up of a “Picker” and a “Packer”. The Picker is responsible for locating the correct items listed on your packing slip. The Packer is responsible for preparing your goods for dispatch.

For barcoded items, we offer 100% picking accuracy. Our staff use state of the art handheld devices complete with a barcode scanner which allows for 100% picking accuracy. If an incorrect item is scanned, the picker receives a visual warning and is unable to complete the order. This data is then sent back to management to allow future training of picking staff.

If a mistake is made, we will fix it. With your permission, we will contact your customer directly to arrange the return of the incorrect item. We will also see that they receive the correct item within 1 working day. As our client, you will receive no charges for any mistakes made by us.