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Why Parcel Ship?

Our clients rely on us. We don’t just stick labels on boxes. We become a vital part of your business providing your customers with exceptionally fast and convenient receipt of their goods.

Learn how we can support you today.

Real Time Data

When we say “Real time”, we mean “Real time, up to the minute, highly accurate” reporting. Logging into the Parcel Ship platform gives you instant access to a wealth of information ...
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Delivery Options

Not every customer requires a next day delivery. The volumes of parcels that we deliver into the UK’s leading courier networks have allowed us to negotiate substantial savings ...
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Premium Support

Receiving prompt answers to your queries is of upmost importance when running your business. All of our clients, no matter how big or small benefit from our premium support ...
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Packing Accuracy

When a customer receives an incorrect product, it causes a landslide of problems. We can’t guarantee that it will never happen, but we do take every step possible to minimise ...
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No Fixed Costs

Growing your business should be exciting! Unfortunately, as a business grows, so does its’ costs, especially when running a stock based business ...
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Stock Security

Our premises are located on a large business park near Retford, Lincolnshire. With 72,000sqft at our disposal, you can rest assure that your goods are being held in a safe ...
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