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If you’ve read our “About us” page, you’ll know that we’ve dealt with Fulfilment companies in the past. One thing we really couldn’t understand is how storage can be charged by the pallet.

  • What happens if the pallet is half empty? You pay full rate for it
  • What happens if there are only 2 boxes on a pallet? You pay full rate for it
  • Did any of the companies we work with try and minimise our storage costs? No

At Parcel Ship, we do things differently.

Your storage costs are charged based on the total m3 your stock occupies. Storage is re-calculated daily so as your orders leave us, you instantly stop paying storage on those products. You will never be charged for a “Half empty pallet” and with instant access to your inventory, you can see exactly how much your storage will cost before you’ve even received an invoice.

You can read more about our storage facility & security here.